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Download The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 1

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Happy downloading and happy watching, y’all.

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Becaming multicultural

 Multicultural man: myth or reality

Cultural pluralism is a reality of the twentieth century. Some say that multicultural man is aqually a reality. The letter is debatable. Not only is aculture contact is areality brought about through modernization, communication and urabanization, but also a reality of local, national and planetary functioning. No other period in history had been so marked by the need to foster interdependence and positive interactions among people of diverse ethnic and linguistic group. Rivers has poingnantly noted the trend that are develophing.

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How can we modify negative perceptions of other people?

 A social learning theory approach

Predicability: culture shock or culture cushion?

The psychological literature regarding the effecst of predictability on  axiety is somewhat conflicting. However these study have often confounded general predictability with the issue of when. For example, is one study two group of  rats were shocked daily at rendom intervals, during a periode of 45 days.

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How can we facilitate positive impressions of people from other cultures?

 The role of ethnography

What is ethnography?

Ethnography is a metod of descibing of a culture or situation within a culture from the “emic” or native’s point of view. From the point of view of the cultural actor.

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How do cultural learnings affect the perception of other people?

 In sumary, experience within a culture influences how we perceive other people. People use cues schemes through which to anticipate and interpret the behavior of others. Each of these is related to cultural experience. Positive perceptions of other people are related to perceptual matches between what is anticepated and what is perceived, the positivy of traits perceived and the extent similarity perceived. Conversely negative perceptions and crosscultural misunderstandings are related to perceptual mismatches and differences perceived. Our internal director interpret the movie differently. Scipts do not match; cues do not match; values do not match.

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How are culture and cultural roles acquired?

 For some time second language and bilingual educators have been concerned with the relationship between first and second language acquisition. Perhaps similar advances in the area of cross-cultural learning or second culture acquisition can be made by analyzing the process by which first cultures are naturally acquired. This process will be analyzed from an empirical perspective and from a philosophical one.

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